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EXTREME Journey Camp, Loudoun Session II, Days 1 & 2

Thank you for sending your wonderful campers to us for the next two weeks! Our first day was so beautiful, as we canoed down the Potomac River. In total, we traveled 8 miles down the river putting in at the Lander Lockouse and ending at the mouth of the Monocacy River. Our river guide, Mr. Mike, taught the campers all about water safety and how to respect the river. He also gave them a lesson on how to canoe. It took some of the campers a bit longer than others to become master canoers, but they all figured it out by the end!

Along the way, we stopped at Conoy Island, where we met Hope, a member of the Piscataway Indian tribe. She brought with her some artifacts from her tribe for your campers to examine and wear. She also gave all the campers a Piscataway Indian name and they learned what their name translated to in English. Ask any camper you know if they remember what their Indian name meant. We even learned an Indian welcome dance before campers got some time to just kick back and relax in the Potomac River. They swam, floated, and created a camper train in the river. It was so much fun for us to watch them enjoy themselves and be kids!

Next up, our campers were in the computer lab at Harper Park Middle School, while they learned how to use their iPad minis to make their leadership movies. They also participated in a scavenger hunt to learn about the leaders we will profile as we make our “Journey through hallowed ground.” In the afternoon, we travelled to Morven Park, home of Westmoreland Davis, where they learned about the Progressive Era and developed skills critical for effective democratic involvement.