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Wrapping Up the First 2014 Session of EXTREME Journey Summer Camp in Loudoun

This Wednesday, we ventured north on Route 15 to Gettysburg, PA. Here, we met our amazing guide, Bob, and embarked on a 15-mile bike tour of one of the most famous battles in American history. We made several different stops at Devils Den, the Virginia & Pennsylvania monuments, the area where Pickett’s Charge took place, and even went to the top of Little Roundtop! We had time for a pit stop at the bookstore and gift-shop at the visitor’s center. I’m sure all our campers were very tired at the end of the day – I know I was!

As we approach the World Premiere of the campers’ videos, the students are working on finishing up their movies–adding credits, finalizing editing, and perfecting their titles. I know they’re excited to show everyone all their hard work. But first, we headed to Camp Highroad in Middleburg, VA. Here, students worked together as a team to complete the low challenge course and the zip line!

EXTREME Camp, Loudoun Session | Harper’s Ferry, Smart’s Mill, and more

On Wednesday, our Loudoun Session I campers started in Brunswick, MD and biked to Harper’s Ferry, WV, making several stops along the historic C&O Canal. Once we arrived in Harper’s Ferry, we participated in an activity that demonstrated the campers’ survival skills and taught us a lot about Lewis and Clark’s preparations for their expedition while in Harper’s Ferry. Then, we learned about important moments in African American history by role playing John Brown’s raid. Later, we went up to the Upper Town to see Storer College and discussed the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement. Finally, we made the most important stop of the day–ice cream before biking back to Brunswick. All the while, several groups began shooting their vodcasts while we explored.

Thursday marked the beginning film editing for many. All our groups are filming portions of their opening scenes and thinking of creative titles during the lab day at Smart’s Mill. Any group filming today or Monday at Antietam are choosing costumes, writing scripts, and brainstorming filming locations. After lunch, we headed to The Marshall house, where students toured the mansion (more to come on that one in our next post!).